Weekend Warrior Sportz Netting

Warrior Paintball Netting

Paintball Netting you can stand behind! We have been the leader in providing quality Paintball netting since 1997. Others have copied, but none have the same quality as our netting. Developed by Larry Cossio, the leading insurance agent for Paintball fields in the USA, our netting exceeds all ASTM safety tests which are done by an independent lab. We will not sell cheap netting! Our netting is made in the USA, and more fields and tournament series have used our netting than all the other competitors combined. We do make custom pieces for those field owners that need special sizes.

Paintball Netting Hardware

We also provide all hardware necessary to set up your netted Paintball field or shooting range, including carabineers, plastic clips, cable, turnbuckles and years of experience putting it up. Just call us at 864-688-0123 for an estimate! Our paintball netting clips & carabineers are available at an unbeatable rate!

Paintball Netting Installation Guide

There are two heights of netting. If you are playing speedball you will want 20 foot high netting. If you are protecting a woods area from spectators then you will probably be able to use 12 foot high netting. Trying to use 12 foot netting to do the job of 20 foot netting may result in injuries to your spectators or a passer by. Do not go for low cost. Purchase the correct product the first time, install it correctly, and you will reap the benefits for a long time.

Our easy instructions will make sure that you put your field netting up correctly and safely. It is very important to set your netting properly so that you can have a safe, stable and well controlled environment. Download netting installation instructions using the button below.

Netting Installation Guide


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